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How Online Business Directories Help Your Business?

If you’ve ever searched Google or any other search engine for a product or service, you’ve probably noticed that listings often pop up with their address, phone number, and other similar useful information.

If you conduct the same search on a mobile device, you’ll see that the order of priority in which businesses usually appear is based on how close they are to you.

Most online listings look and work like this, however the percentage of businesses that take advantage of them do, which can mean a significant loss of potential customers.

According to Google, 50% of people who have performed a local search on their smartphone visited a store within the same day. The same is true for 34% of users who searched for a business on a desktop computer or tablet.

Advertising on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
The results of Social Media advertising will surprise you!

Through Social Media Marketing, we promote the company and its products or services on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.), with the main goal of “word of mouth” logic, which in social media translates as share, comments, like and anything that can spread our message and our business itself to the public. So social media and especially Facebook advertising creates a strong bond between customers and your company’s products or services.

What is achieved with Social Media advertising?

Sale of Products or Services.

  • Direct communication with the public and consumers.
  • Viewable to over 4 million users in Greece!
  • Management and increase of reputation (branding).
  • Opportunities to increase audience and customers.
  • Obtaining information about the needs of the public.
  • Low advertising costs, compared to other online media.
  • Crisis management to quickly reduce dissatisfaction with a negative event and not give scope to another medium that can damage the company’s reputation.