Start up a company in Bulgaria.

We provide our clients with the ability to set up new companies in Bulgaria, in any legal form, according to their investment and trading needs.

Establishment of a company in Sofia, Bulgaria
The time required to complete the procedure for setting up a company in Bulgaria is about three days and a total of three weeks for registration of the VAT number in the European Union, and the minimum capital required by law is € 1 (= 2 Leva). Bulgarian Legislation allows you to choose a name of your choice and requires at least one shareholder to set up a new company with the obligation to have its registered office in any city of Bulgaria.

Our company provides the opportunity to establish a company in Bulgaria, always having as its main objective the maximization of the net return on investments and the operating profits of its clients and of course always within the legal framework.

Eurosold Ltd provides its customers with:

Establishment of a company in Sofia, Bulgaria
Tip for selecting the legal form of the company (SA, Ltd.)
Preparation of the necessary documents for the company file (statute, contract, etc.)
Submission of the necessary documents to the Commercial Register and the Registry of the Organization (IDF)
Construction of your company website (necessary for the company’s operation and status in Bulgaria)
Our company can assume your company’s accounting support in Bulgaria, even if you have set up your company in another company and you have no co-operation for your accounting support, since we first check your company extensively and there are no problems with her.

You do not have to visit Bulgaria for the establishment of your company in Bulgaria, but only the consulate of the Bulgarian embassy in the country you belong to and where you are.

Eurosold Ltd offers solutions to entrepreneurs who want to find a way out with the unstable and painful tax regime and the bureaucracy that prevails, advising to set up a company in Bulgaria in a proper and professional way, seeing each case differently and aiming at the right solution.

Advantages of investing in Bulgaria

  • Low labor costs
  • A stable and reliable banking system
  • Perfect use for e-shops and imports / exports of products within the European Union, wholesalers and service providers
  • Low insurance contributions (65 € / month)
  • Multiple use of company activity, with all kinds of activities in its statutes.
  • Tax Depreciation for 2 years for the purchase of computers and new equipment
  • Low corporate tax rate of profits (% of profits)